Newstalk’s Andrea Gilligan: ‘Her devotion to free speech is to be applauded, though in this instance a wider range of voices wouldn’t hurt.’ Photograph: Newstalk

Review: Andrea Gilligan’s discussion of free speech includes no dissenting voices

Baz Ashmawy, filling in for Ryan Tubridy, ‘is undeniably diverting, in the manner of a manic student teacher filling in for a sensible history master’. Photograph: RTÉ

The stand-in presenter wings it with breathless enthusiasm and cheeky charm

James Joyce. Some wonder whether Joyce’s revolutionary volume is being treated as a safe cultural commodity, useful for attracting visitors but losing its relevance as it does so. Photograph: Culture Club/Getty Images

Beloved by millions, incomprehensible to millions more, the novel is now firmly embedded in Irish culture

RTÉ Radio 1 remained the biggest player in the national market, bolstered by marquee names and brand recognition. Photograph: Conor McCabe.

Radio in 2021: Radio 1’s new guard found their voice, Newstalk stayed scrappy

Ryan Tubridy expended much energy parsing conversational mores that annoy him. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: He can sound corny, but his dislike of bad manners has a genuine ring

Lunchtime Live’s guest host Clare McKenna  confesses to doubts about getting her children vaccinated, while fretting about raising the subject

Radio: In a high-wire act, Newstalk’s Clare McKenna airs fears over child vaccination

The subjects exercising Joe Duffy’s guests seem so trivial that one almost forgets we’re in the middle of an epoch-defining global pandemic

Review: Joe Duffy presides over tetchy debates on bungalows and masks in schools

From the off, Ciara Kelly pushes Tony Holohan on his long-standing resistance to antigen tests. Photograph: Newstalk

Radio: The Newstalk host presses the chief medical officer on his pandemic response

Presenter Cormac Ó hEadhra hears one hostile verdict after another on mother and baby homes redress scheme. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: Disappointment at the mother and baby home redress scheme is unmistakable

Claire Byrne took  a granular approach to the issue of retrofitting homes for energy efficiency, and in the process got to the heart of the matter. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: The RTÉ host deftly turns a consumer item into a querying of government policy

Newstalk’s Pat Kenny: Any aliens out there? The line is open. Photograph: Frank Miller

Radio: Pat Kenny tries to sum up the Kerry TD’s view of the climate crisis in Ireland

Charlie Bird: ‘I wish I could say I was the strongest man in the world, but I’ve cried my eyes out over the last month, and I don’t sleep at night.’Photograph: Alan Betson

Veteran journalist on coming to terms with his motor neuron disease diagnosis

Anton Savage. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The Newstalk host has an appealing confidence. He just needs a pinch of brutality

Behind his carefully-cultivated image as a fuddy-duddy dweeb, Ryan Tubridy (above) is clearly imbued with sturdy self-belief. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: His naturally upbeat manner plays a crucial role in a poignant conversation

Liveline listeners hoping for furious fulminations about collapsing morals are in for a disappointment, as indeed is the host Joe Duffy.

Radio: Budget 2022 seems to have pleased no one, judging by reaction on airwaves

Pat Kenny. ‘If you dress sloppily, your thinking might be a bit sloppy too,’ suggests the neatly-attired host, with a logic that implicitly bigs up his own intellectual rigour. Photograph: Frank Miller

Radio: The Newstalk host also disapproves of sloppy attire and sloppy thinking

There is a lingering impression that top presenter Ray D’Arcy is distracted from the job at hand, if not actually bored by it. Photograph: Patrick Bolger/RTÉ

Radio: Only a vindictive soul would wish D’Arcy silenced in so cruel a way

Drivetime: Cormac Ó hEadhra and Sarah McInerney. Photograph: Kieran Harnett/RTÉ

Radio: The ostensibly mismatched Drivetime hosts are a year into their on-air partnership

Brendan O’Connor. Photograph: Kinlan Photography.

Radio: RTÉ host does a good line in disdain when proceedings threaten to get too cosy

Lunchtime Live host Andrea Gilligan: lets the conversation flow in a stimulating manner. Photograph: Newstalk

Radio: Andrea Gilligan is Newstalk’s only solo female weekday presenter

Donohoe only sounds rattled when the interview moves from pandemic policy to juicy political intrigue. Photograph: Damien Eagers

Radio: The lifting of Covid restrictions runs a distant second to the Katherine Zappone controversy

Joe Duffy questions why no media organisations have taken legal action to stop far-right activists spreading dangerous and abusive misinformation online

Radio: The Liveline host sounds furious at the ‘hijacking’ of Nicole Cahill’s death

Pat Kenny: tales of societal breakdown are grist to the Newstalk broadcaster’s mill. Photograph: Frank Miller

Radio: The Newstalk host hears lurid tales of ‘urban terrorism’ on the streets of Dublin

The funeral of Dean Maguire, who died along with two other men when the car they were travelling in hit a lorry while they were driving the wrong direction up the N7 near Baldonnel. Photograph: Collins

Radio: Playing the naif is tricky when the topic is the glorification of criminality at a funeral

Behind his carefully-cultivated image as a fuddy-duddy dweeb, Ryan Tubridy (above) is clearly imbued with sturdy self-belief. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: He knows his style isn’t for everyone, but his enthusiasm is infectious

Katie Hannon’s most striking feature is her quietly resolute air, encouraging callers to share their stories, good or bad. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio review: Hannon is more comfortable than any of Duffy’s other replacements

Claire Byrne: the RTÉ Radio 1 host is an effective interviewer

Radio: The interview underscores how quickly the optimistic mood has disappeared

Presenter Shane Coleman: The presence of Nigel Farage is the flipside to Newstalk Breakfast’s energetic, sleeves-up approach. Photograph: Newstalk

Radio: Minister for Health is smooth on the Delta variant but rattled by the hospital saga

2FM Breakfast: Donncha O’Callaghan, Doireann Garrihy and Carl Mullan

Radio: Doireann Garrihy, Donncha O’Callaghan and Carl Mullan front the zany new show

Pat Kenny: ‘No, no, no, no, I can’t let you away with that.’ Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Radio: Sinn Féin’s defence that it was merely following the example of others is true

Oliver Callan: the presenter has an amusing turn of phrase

Radio: The talented mimic is adept at filling airtime but oddly reserved when talking to others

 Della Kilroy and Shane Creevy, presenters of podcast The Truth Matters. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: The national broadcaster's Truth Matters podcast seeks to unpick fact from fiction

The Late Debate: host Katie Hannon. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: The Late Debate’s quietly authoritative presenter is the show’s key asset

Pat Kenny fretted about ‘depressing’ scnes of loutishness in Dalkey.   Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Radio: ‘Thinking about this reopening,’ the Newstalk presenter says. ‘Are we really prepared?’

Claire Byrne: not one for freewheeling on-air levity

Radio: The RTÉ host’s trademark efficiency even extends to her leisure time planning

The Hard Shoulder: Kieran Cuddihy’s Newstalk show sometimes plumps for spice rather than sustenance

Radio: They’re not to everyone’s taste, but they add flavour to Kieran Cuddihy’s show

Lunchtime Live host Andrea Gilligan. Photograph: Newstalk

Radio: Beside strutting colleagues, empathetic host sounds as saintly as Mother Teresa

Drivetime presenter Cormac Ó hEadhra met his match in imperturbable European Commission spokesman Stefan de Keersmaecker. Photograph: RTE

Radio: RTÉ’s Drivetime host is frustrated by a spokesman’s stance on Covid vaccines

Philip Boucher-Hayes: always knowledgeable but sometimes a victim of his natural confidence

Radio: The erudite, thoughtful presenter is sometimes too keen to show off his learning

Joe Duffy was parsing advertisements on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday, though this time with more intent

Radio: Duffy may not curry favour with radio advertisers, but he serves his public well

Brendan O’Connor: there are still flashes of the journalist’s snappier side

Radio: The RTÉ Radio 1 host can be smart and sharp but also thoughtful and even empathetic

Marty Morrissey: the host gets his audience into a celebratory yet appropriately safe mood on St Patrick’s Day. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: The GAA broadcaster is an unlikely tonic after a downbeat run-up to St Patrick’s Day

‘The grind of the past  12 months may have affected Ryan Tubridy’s idea of what constitutes entertainment.’ Photograph: RTÉ

Radio: The RTÉ presenter shows his everyman side but could do with more substantial material

Gordon Elliott: the story of the trainer sitting atop a deceased racehorse makes all the running. Photograph: PA Wire

Radio: Meanwhile serious public issues, like the Central Bank’s €4.1m fine of Davy, got little airtime

‘You’re very good at just filling the time with platitudes,’ Pat Kenny fumes at a Minister. Photograph: Frank Miller

Radio: Host tires of Charlie McConalogue’s vagueness as Ministers fudge pandemic plans

Claire Byrne talked to Erin McClean, wife of Republic of Ireland soccer international James McClean, who described the abuse suffered by her husband on social media and beyond. Photograph:  Andres Poveda/RTÉ

Radio: The RTÉ host heard from Erin and James McClean about their anti-Irish abuse

Sarah McInerney and Cormac Ó hEadhra: driving Drivetime to new heights

Radio: Sarah McInerney and Cormac Ó hEadhra combine rigorous interviews with light relief

The Hard Shoulder: Kieran Cuddihy’s show can sound unsure whether it’s heavy-hitting news or a broad magazine

Radio: Cuddihy is skilled and energetic, yet his Newstalk show seldom hits the mark

Claire Byrne: the RTÉ Radio 1 host is an effective interviewer

Radio review: The calmly forensic style of the host unpicks the Minister for Health’s assertions

Sounding as effortless as Tubridy does isn’t as easy as it seems.

Radio: Ryan Tubridy’s spiel shows his ability as a broadcaster. Sounding this effortless isn’t easy 

Liveline: Joe Duffy’s phone-in has played a crucial role in bringing to light the horrific secrets of Ireland’s clerical institutions

The week's radio shows let survivors set records straight, share their anger and ask crucial questions

Ray D’Arcy’s formula gels; if not chicken soup for the soul, then at least Cup-a-Soup for the tired mind. Photograph: Patrick Bolger/ RTÉ

This is mightily flimsy stuff, more suited to local radio. But, against the odds, it works

Sarah McInerney and Cormac Ó hEadhra: driving Drivetime to new heights

Ó hEadhra’s focused outrage and McInerney’s cooler tenaciousness has rejuvenated one of RTÉ Radio's flagship shows

Pat Kenny: the Newstalk presenter has sounded more engaged on air since the pandemic kicked in. Photograph: Frank Miller

Radio: Veteran host sounds relaxed and confident, though his unwitting comedic side remains

Claire Byrne. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Her RTÉ show can stray towards sounding a bit judgy, no matter how sensible its advice  

Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Toy Show: Swore after accidentally spraying himself with fizzy orange

Presenter uses his RTÉ Radio 1 programme to insist he didn’t utter the F-word on Friday night

Miriam O’Callaghan: sounds so sincere that her touchy-feely public persona seems flinty by comparison. Photograph: RTÉ

She expresses her sorrow with uncharacteristic trepidation. Then it’s on with the show

 Joe Duffy’s trundlingly unfunny rhymes make the rapping of Dustin the Turkey sound like Wu-Tang Clan

Duffy’s unfunny rhymes make Dustin the Turkey sound like Wu-Tang Clan

Ciara Kelly’s medical background combines with her confidence as a broadcaster to good effect. Photograph: Tom Honan

Newstalk host sounds sceptical as Trinity College professor floats a novel idea to delay festivities

Settling in: Drivetime’s Cormac Ó hEadhra and Sarah McInerney

Sarah McInerney and Cormac Ó hEadhra gel as US poll unfolds, Joe Duffy gets populist about panto

Shane Ross: dubbed a  “tell-tale tattler” by Regina Doherty. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

Shane Ross has a barbed confrontation with Regina Doherty... and a cosy chat with Brendan O’Connor

RTÉ’s Shay Byrne, host of Rising Time.

... while chirpy Ryan Tubridy leads listeners into lockdown with head-boy earnestness

Paschal Donohoe’s double act with Michael McGrath may have got off to a reasonable start, but they shouldn’t congratulate themselves too much just yet.

Claire Byrne's first post-budget phone-in is a disappointment as she fails to pin down ministers

Pat Kenny  worries about there being too much carrot and not enough stick when it comes to infractions. Photograph: Frank Miller

The professor’s conversation with Pat Kenny on Newstalk is unintentionally hilarious

Cormac Ó hEadhra and Sarah McInerney had their news chops put to the test on Monday. Photograph: Kieran Harnett

The newly partnered duo are still finding their feet, or at least trying not to tread on each other too much

It comes as a bit of shock when Dermot Whelan extols the virtues of meditation to Newstalk host Andrea Gilligan

Capering presenter discusses mindfulness as Andrea Gilligan hits a groove on her show

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly was defiantly upbeat when he appeared on The Last Word. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Radio review: Matt Cooper has a good day at the office. The health minister not so much

The problem, as Jennifer Zamparelli conceded, was she appeared to be inviting anti-maskers to explain their rationale, such as it is. Photograph: RTÉ

Controversy over 2FM presenter’s dropped discussion seems down to poor judgment

It’s not a good look when a high-profile broadcaster like Ray D’Arcy can’t be bothered to hide his lethargy as he does his well-remunerated job

The staleness of the presenter's sweet ‘n’ sour format is a long-running concern

Kieran Cuddihy takes over from  Ivan Yates as host of the Hard Shoulder (Newstalk, weekdays). 

Overeagerness aside, Cuddihy can make a success of his show, as can Andrea Gilligan

In her debut Today with Claire Byrne show, the host duly put the Taoiseach through the wringer about the Oireachtas Golf Society debacle. And scored a zinger. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The presenter’s interview with Taoiseach sets tone as she takes over Today show on RTÉ Radio 1


Best reads of 2020: The retired reporter’s rant on ageism proved too much for Sarah McInerney

Despite Ivan Yates’s retirement it’s business as usual, as the Newstalk presenter  grills his guests with his usual gruff impatience during his last week on air. Photograph: Newstalk

Newstalk’s morning host’s unguarded admission underlines his good mood, while his opinionated colleague retires with honesty

Ivan Yates. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

At home on radio, Yates was provocative without tipping into gratuitous offence

Gavan Reilly: The presenter lifts the Newstalk show beyond its limitations Photograph: Newstalk

Radio review: The Sunday morning programme needs more zip to compete with rivals

Matt Cooper: the Today FM host displays his fighting instincts in low-key but unmistakable fashion

Radio review: Last Word presenter goes toe to toe to get facts straight with Peter Tatchell

Cormac Ó hEadhra: the RTÉ Radio 1 presenter is not a natural diplomat

Radio review: Combative hosts struggle to make TDs rise to their Government-formation bait

Ray D’Arcy manages to conjure up a united Ireland over Zoom

Radio review: Glitches pile up as the host hears pandemic stories from all 32 counties

Ryan Tubridy despairs of the ‘contagion of misinformation’ in the online world. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio review: The chipper presenter barely referred to the pandemic this week

On Tuesday on RTÉ Radio 1, Sarah McInerney peppers her guests with pertinent questions, but maintains a relatively low-key presence

“You look delighted with yourself,” the RTÉ host curtly tells her cartoonish guest

On Liveline, Jow Duffy spoke to a publican who has decided to reopen his pub before the government’s proposed date in August.

Radio review: Joe Duffy sounds at a loss; Newstalk has snapshots from a US in turmoil

Brendan O’Connor: The pandemic flattens O’Connor’s usual spiky energy. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio review: The coronavirus crisis has dulled his once-sparky morning programme

Sarah McInerney: reserves her most fierce grillings for those in positions of power or wealth who appear to be spoofing

The former Newstalk presenter has firmly placed her stamp on RTÉ Radio 1 mornings

Ciara Kelly presents herself as someone who speaks her mind, whatever the consequences. Photograph: Tom Honan/The Irish Times

Radio: The presenter’s questions are less urgent health queries than audience clickbait

Locked down in Dublin: Matt Damon appeared on Spin 1038 to talk about being stranded in Ireland. Photograph: Elizabeth Weinberg/New York Times

Stranded Hollywood actor has spirit-lifting conversation with Spin 1038’s morning hosts

Sean O’Rourke. Photograph: RTÉ

He interviews both ministers and hairdressers with professionalism and passion

Normal People: Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal in the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel. Photograph: Enda Bowe/Element Pictures/RTÉ

Joe Duffy can’t believe his luck – er, sorry, ears – when callers splutter about Normal People

Ray D’Arcy: monologue a mesmerisingly pointless exercise in solipsistic navel gazing. Photograph: Patrick Bolger/RTÉ

His rambling account of baking bread shows he’s the ideal presenter for our time

Formidable: Sean O’Rourke on his first day as presenter of RTÉ Radio 1’s Today show, in 2013. Photograph: Frank Miller

RTÉ will struggle to replace a host whose ease was accompanied by formidable news skills

Des Cahill: the likeable sports presenter seems a little lost on RTÉ Radio 1’s Des’s Island Discs

Radio Review: Presenter seems ill-suited to venerable format as Off The Ball carries on regardless

Welcome back Ryan.  We missed you. Photograph: RTÉ

The RTÉ star sounds uncharacteristically elegiac after his coronavirus experience

Ivan Yates takes a break from coronavirus coverage by allowing listeners to indulge in the nostalgically escapist pastime of bashing the Brits. Photograph: Newstalk

Sombre Newstalk host rediscovers irreverent persona for on-air prank, while Morning Ireland highlights the perils of shopping

 Liveline’s Joe Duffy has been urging his audience to wash their hands, using practically any opportunity to drive the message home.

Radio review: Joe Duffy hears tales of social distancing prompting antisocial behaviour

 Ciara Kelly told her listeners that she had contracted coronavirus. File photograph: Tom Honan

69 new cases of coronavirus had been detected the previous day. ‘I am one of them,’ she said

Ray D’Arcy: on Tuesday he spoke to an Irish woman living in the Chinese city of Suzhou, who describes everyday life in the country as it tries to control the virus. Photograph: Patrick Bolger Photography

He assures us he can broadcast from home. Some may not see that as an upside

Ray D’Arcy’s interview with Mary O’Rourke brought a light touch to  a tense week

‘How lovely to die on a rug in the garden with the sun beaming down,’ she tells Ray D’Arcy

Singer-songwriter Lesley Roy has been chosen to represent Ireland in the 2020 Eurovision in the Netherlands.

Lesley Roy’s song has been billed as a game changer. For once, the plaudits might be justified

Today with Sean O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio 1, weekdays at 10am.

RTÉ's Sean O'Rourke and 98FM shock jock Adrian Kennedy tamp down fears but Ciara Kelly has other ideas

Ivan Yates  suffuses a discussion on Irritable Bowel Syndrome with a disarming sense of humour. Photograph: Newstalk

Yates doesn’t so much grill politicians as turn them over an open fire on a spit roast

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