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My Hero Academia Quotes Deku. An impressive feat, considering that there are heroes like all might and deku walking around in his world. The rage inside him to be the strongest could not be compensated for any other superpower.

Pin on Just Izuku Midoriya
Pin on Just Izuku Midoriya from

As such, it really shouldn't come as any surprise to hear that mirio has some truly outstanding quotes. Deku has admired all might with all his devotion from the very beginning. Izuku midoriya / deku quotes:

Deku talking about going to save bakugou.

It won’t matter if someone is a villain or a hero. Unfortunately, for superhero fanboy izuku deku midoriya, he's one of the 20 percent born without a quirk. My hero academia has in recent years surpassed many of its competitors to become one of the most popular anime and manga series of all time. I believe you said your childhood was satisfactory?